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Shoulder Pain

Goodlife Physical Medicine

Orthopedics, Pain Management, Chiropractors, Physical Therapy and Massage located in Redondo Beach, El Segundo, and Torrance, CA

Having a shoulder problem isn't just painful; it can also be disabling. If shoulder pain affects your life, the multidisciplinary pain management specialists at Goodlife Physical Medicine can help. At their four locations in Redondo Beach, El Segundo, Seal Beach, and Torrance, California, the team uses cutting-edge techniques including regenerative medicine, joint injections, cold laser therapy, and chiropractic and physical therapies. If you live in the Los Angeles area, call the Goodlife Physical Medicine office nearest you or book an appointment online today.

Shoulder Pain Q & A

What causes acute shoulder pain?

Shoulder pain is a common problem, in large part because your shoulder joint has such a wide range of motion. Your shoulder is held together by a complex system of muscles and connective tissues called the rotator cuff, enabling you to move your arm in many directions.

Injuries to the rotator cuff are a frequent cause of acute shoulder pain. A common cause of rotator cuff tears is dislocation of the shoulder joint, where the ball-shaped end of your upper arm bone comes partially or completely away from the socket in your shoulder blade.

You might also tear the labrum, a ring of cartilage lining the socket that helps keep the ball in place.

What causes chronic shoulder pain?

Besides acute injuries, shoulder pain can be due to wear-and-tear damage from overuse or repetitive strain. Tendonitis is a typical example of this type of shoulder pain, in which tiny tears in the tendon build up over time.

Another potential cause of shoulder pain is arthritis. Osteoarthritis develops when the cartilage on your bones wears down, causing inflammation, stiffness, and pain. Osteoarthritis is one of over 100 types of arthritis but is by far the most common.

You might develop bursitis, an inflammation in the bursae in your shoulder, which are small sacs of fluid that help to cushion the joint. Acute injuries that fail to heal properly can also become chronic shoulder pain problems.

How is shoulder pain treated?

To apply the most appropriate treatments, the Goodlife Physical Medicine team first conducts a thorough physical examination to verify the reason for your shoulder pain.

They might also perform diagnostic tests such as digital X-rays, ultrasound, electromyography (EMG) and nerve conduction velocity (NCV) tests, or an MRI scan. All these diagnostic facilities are available on-site at Goodlife Physical Medicine.

Once they know the cause of your shoulder pain, your provider can draw up a treatment plan personalized to your needs. Initial treatments are likely to include physical medicine approaches such as chiropractic techniques, physical therapy, and massage therapy.

Along with rest and time, most people find these methods are effective in reducing their shoulder pain. If not, Goodlife Physical Medicine offers a range of additional treatments, including joint injections, cold laser therapy, and regenerative medicine techniques.  

For fast and effective diagnosis and treatment of your shoulder pain, call Goodlife Physical Medicine or book an appointment online today.