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The Victims' Fund Nonprofit Organization


Drivers on the road today are more at risk than they ever have been before. Drivers are more distracted than ever, and the increase in traffic has contributed to more vehicle accidents.

When you add all of this up together, it equals around five million accidents a year where somebody gets hurt. In many of these cases, victims find themselves having to square off with a well-funded insurance company with plenty of patience and plenty of lawyers.

That is why The Accident Guys brought The Victims Fund into existence in the first place; to help people just like this.

What You Might Need to Expect After Your Accident

What most people want to do following an automobile accident is to forget about it and move on; unfortunately, it is just not possible in many cases. If you suffer any injury or medical problem due to the accident, you must receive care as soon as possible.

This is to ensure that you heal and recover properly and that it is documented as being caused by the accident so those responsible can cover the necessary expenses. However, many times this leads to a showdown with the other driver’s insurance company, resulting in serious delays in receiving your compensation.

Can the Victims' Fund Help?

Not only do people injured in car accidents need proper medical care for those without insurance, but they may also need assistance finding a provider as well. The Victims' Fund helps with so much more than just financial aid and medical care. They can also help you find the right legal representation.

If you are dealing with an insurance company that refuses to do the right thing for you, then you may have no choice but to seek legal counsel. In some cases, litigation may be required. Regardless of whether you need a little financial help until your settlement comes, or you have to go through a lengthy court battle, The Victims' Fund helps in many ways.

Who Is Responsible for the Creation of the Fund?

Eliot Houman and Omid Dayan created this non-profit organization, and they are also the founders of The Accident Guys with an office in Torrance. Omid also functions as the board of directors’ CEO, and Eliot functions as its President. The rest of the board is rounded out by VP Dr. Pouyan Famini, CFO Navid Barkhodar, and Sec. David Tehrani.

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