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Posture Correction


Do you know anyone with these types of Postural Syndromes?

Most people don't realize that postural problems are more commonly functional problems, rather than structural. This means that over time, bad habits and injuries cause imbalances in the body to make the spine actually change shapes. These types of postural conditions can be corrected. Forward head posture puts 10 pounds more strain on the neck musculature and 10 pounds more pressure on the cervical discs for every inch your posture is translated forward. This syndrome causes accelerated spinal and disc degeneration. Over time, patients will feel chronic tensions, headaches, back pain and neck pain due to this syndrome.

Chiropractors are best qualified to assess and correct these types of problems. A series of X-rays can be taken to assess the severity of each postural syndrome, and the doctor will be able to determine if this is the cause of your pain and approximately how long it will take to correct. Through a series of chiropractic adjustments, traction, and specific exercises, we are able to correct the problem where a significant difference is seen on the patient's post care X-Rays.

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X-Rays if Necessary

1st Treatment

Report of Findings. (This is where the doctor will explain what he/she has found, review X-rays and give you recommendations to get better.)

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