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Allergy Testing


Many patients will often report to their doctor that they are allergic to the wind. When the Santa Ana winds come through they will have severe seasonal allergy symptoms. The truth is they are not allergic to the wind but something that the wind is blowing in. By identifying what each patient is allergic to we can have them begin allergy shots to build a tolerance to their allergen. The results is that patient will no longer be needed Zyrtec, Claritin or Benadryl on a daily basis. Less allergy symptoms means patients can become more active, spend more time outside and feel better all the time. Patient also report less fatigue when their body isn't constantly fighting allergens.

Goodlife Physical Medicine utilizes two types of allergy testing.

Skin Scratch Test: This method tests our environment's most common allergens by charting different liquids on the skin and using a plastic scratch device to make a small puncture in the skin. A positive finding would show redness in the charted area of your arm, leg or back. This painless procedure takes approximately 20 minutes and we will be able to determine exactly what each patient is allergic to. The results are immediate.

Blood Draw

Goodlife also utilizes outside allergy laboratories to test your blood waith your environment's most common allergens. This process can take 1-3 days to get results.

Common allergens include but not limited to: Dust, mites, various types of grass, different foods, insects, pollen, various types of trees etc. Once you are diagnosed with a certain allergy your doctor will discuss with you different treatment options. This service is often covered by insurance. Please call our office so that we can verify your exact insurance coverage.

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