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Medical Weight Loss


This program is for patients who have a hard time losing weight, need to lose weight quickly for an event, or simply need help losing weight. Goodlife Physical Medicine can help!

Our patients average 19lbs weight loss within the first month!

We offer the most current medical weight loss programs. In these programs, Physician and medical staff will work with you to assess where your goals, current health status and then assist you in reaching these goals in a safe and effective manner.

Our medical staff are trained to help assist each patient with a customized medical weight loss treatment plan.

Depending on the patient's goal, desired timeline and personal knowledge treatment plans may or may not include nutritional counseling and home exercise programs. By having a customized treatment plan, patients who do not require nutrition counseling and exercise plans will pay less for their treatment plan.

Programs contain different blends of vitamin fat blasting injections and sometimes may include medical to suppress the patient's appetite.

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